To build an exceptional organization and achieve our mission, it is important but not sufficient for us each to have extraordinary individual habits. We can’t do this alone — our success depends on how well we work together. And just as individuals develop both good and bad habits, so do groups.

This document defines our “Operating Model” so that our individual and group habits are good rather than bad.

Operating Model & Goal Setting

To be efficient and productive as a team, we need a way of staying organized so that we do not waste time on low priority work. Here is how we set and track goals and execute against those goals as individuals and a team.

Operating Model, Goal Setting, and Execution


Startups are hard. We will inevitably encounter setbacks, stress, and strife. And that’s if things are going well 🙂*. To achieve our mission, we will have to be resilient and individually excellent. To do that, we each need to maintain stellar individual habits and maximize time working in our Zone of Genius.*

Individual Habits & Expectations

Zone of Genius


In a hybrid organization that is growing quickly, communication can be challenging. Here is what we do to communicate effectively.

How We Communicate

Feedback and Conflict

To be the best company we can be, we need to have free-flowing feedback and we need to be able to diffuse conflict. Here is how we do that.

How We Give and Receive Feedback