World-class startups solve an important problem for people at scale. And there are very few problems as big and important as the one Nourish is solving.

<aside> 💡 Americans are struggling to eat well and it is making them sick. Nourish is improving people’s health by making it easy to eat well. We want to help one hundred million people live healthier, longer lives using Nourish.


More than half of Americans have a chronic condition related to what they eat, which has contributed to healthcare costs going up and quality-adjusted life expectancy going down. Nutrition is the front door to healthcare; unfortunately, nutrition is complicated — poor nutrition is the number one driver of chronic disease and preventable death and has led to a chronic condition crisis in America:

While nutrition therapy from an RD is clinically proven to be effective in reversing chronic conditions, fewer than 1% of people eligible to use an RD actually engage with one. Our platform makes it easy and affordable to improve your nutrition and health outcomes and connect with a dietitian that is right for you (94% of our patients are fully covered by insurance and pay nothing out of pocket).

US healthcare is fundamentally broken. Ultimately, our success in achieving our mission is an equation with two variables: how many people we help (Scale), and how much we help those people (Outcomes). We are no better than the outcomes we deliver with our “product” (both quantitative and qualitative) and how many people are able to to use our product.

<aside> 👉 Nourish Success = Scale (# of Patients Served) x Outcomes (Quality of Healthcare)


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