Guiding principles and fundamental beliefs for all Nourishers — these are the backbone of our culture and what we look for in exceptional team members. We tried to avoid the usual anodyne platitudes that most companies pass off for values.

  1. 1️⃣ Put patients first. Improving people’s health is our life’s work. This is more than a job — when we say we want to change the world, we actually mean it.
  2. 🐶 Have that dog in you. Building new things is hard, so we have relentless resilience. Startups are a boxing match, and we know how to take a punch and keep going.
  3. 🛝 Make work feel like play. We take our work seriously but not ourselves — we love bits and banter. We bring positive, optimistic energy to every interaction and help our teammates even when it’s outside our job description.
  4. 🪂 Do your own stunts. We run toward hard problems and love unsexy work. Bureaucracy and ego are our enemies — we do things we’re overqualified for, we sit on the floor, and we take out our own trash.
  5. 🤔 Think from first principles. How you think matters more than what you think. We think like scientists — we ask why, challenge assumptions, and value the right answer over being right.
  6. 🔀 Work harder and smarter. We do both — if you want extraordinary outputs, you need extraordinary inputs. We are allergic to average; each of us strives to be the best in the world at our role. We are resourceful and ruthlessly prioritize the most important things.
  7. 🙏 Cherish feedback. We give and receive candid, thoughtful feedback early and often. We are maniacal about improving, hold each other accountable, and keep the quality bar insanely high.
  8. 🚢 Ship fast. We work with urgency and always ask why something can’t be done sooner. We have a bias to action and know that a good plan now is better than a great plan later. If we fail, we fail fast.