Clinical Philosophy

Nourish’s approach to care.

  1. Meet patients where they are. We personalize care to deliver actionable recommendations based on each individual’s situation, goals, and personality. We set clear expectations, put patients first, and practice with empathy and kindness.
  2. Make it sustainable. We employ evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and patient education centered on long-term behavior change rather than unsustainable quick fixes.
  3. Focus on outcomes. Our north star is improving our patients’ health. We measure care quality diligently to ensure we deliver world-class results that help patients live healthier, longer lives.
  4. Collaborate with the clinical community. We coordinate care with our patients’ external care teams to ensure a seamless and integrated patient experience. Internally, we encourage thoughtful peer-to-peer collaboration to drive professional growth.
  5. Improve and innovate. We have a growth mindset and continuously seek to refine our care based on outcome data, feedback, and clinical research. We embrace change and leverage technology to deliver scaled, creative solutions that make it easy to eat well.